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Do more with De Moor.

I’m Maarten De Moor, Cloud Engineer at Xylos since september ’21. I got passionated about Cloud since then…
And what about YOU? Let’s start discovering the Cloud!

Do more with De Moor.

Uhh… excuse me, where are you talking about?

More then one I year ago I discovered the intriguing world of Cloud. I started learning the basics,
discovered Azure components one by one and earned my very first certifications.

Do more with De Moor is my blog where I want to help you to do the same.
You can expect blogposts with the basics about Cloud, step-by-step introductions of setting up Azure components and other Cloud-related topics!

And all this, in a approachable way. Ready? Set. Go!

Who am I?

In a few words: #curious, #passionated and #eagerToLearn.

Ideas, tips?

All help is welcome.

Any suggestions for topics I can cover or are you interested in a certain Azure component? Let me know!