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About me

How my Cloud journey started.

It all started with building a website…

In 2015, the local hiking club was looking for a new website. Enthusiastic as I am, I immediately started self-learning to improve my skills and started building right away.

I initially started my bachelor degree with that focus. However webdesign seemed to be my cup of tea, application development wasn’t. Halfway my studies, I got interested in the infrastructure behind that website. It was up until my last year when I discovered the intriguing world of Cloud, during my internship.

Nowadays, Cloud-specific skilling is still not really integrated within the IT formations. That’s why I have made it my personal mission to help others to learn about the Cloud by writing these blog posts. I intend to give sessions in high schools and university occasionally.

📽️ Cloud Camp Live

Video series powered by Xylos.

Aside from the blog posts I write on this personal blog, I got the opportunity to host a series of videos where I give tips and tricks in and about Azure.

In videos about 20-25 minutes I dive into certain topics going from an introduction to Infrastructure as Code, to automation pipelines and application modernization.

I really recommend checking-out these videos.